2016-2017 season the first round of the playoffs are nearing the end, into the Eastern and Western semi-final team has also identified three. Vendita canotte nba a basso prezzo. From the beginning of the first round of the playoffs, the fans have already felt the playoffs and the regular season in a very different game, especially in the defensive strength, the players seem to play with the same, played and the regular season is very different style.

We all know that the NBA is a high-paying job, the general interest-driven difficult to let the players so hard in the field. maglie nba 2017, Look at the superstar in the playoffs, many fans may guess, NBA players finish such a playoffs, will be able to get double, or even three times the wages of it?


In fact, we guessed it wrong, NBA players played in the playoffs without salary.


What? No salary? Which must be out of the wrong, is the NBA players are collective brainwashing, do not receive wages, but also played in the field than the regular season is more excellent spirit of God, are really labor model?


Let's take a look at this series of questions.


【NBA player salary = regular season salary】


First of all we have to make it clear that the NBA players and the team signed the high pay contract, just the player to play the regular season contract. The annual salary in the contract is from November each year to April next year, twice a month, a total of 12 times.


So we can easily understand why the NBA players, the ban is far more severe than the fines. Fine more, that is, tens of thousands of dollars, but once the suspension, the game's wages wasted, for many players, but the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Since the player's contract is the salary of the regular season, then how should the playoffs should be overtime? Even if the NBA team bosses are the letter of the capitalists, excellent staff for the overtime of the total should have said, send some overtime pay what. The wish is good, the truth is cruel. In fact, NBA players in the playoffs every game is for the boss white workers, each game, the team boss will not give players compensation. maglia LeBron James, This has been clearly stated in the labor agreement, the team in the playoffs can not give the team additional dividends. In other words, the NBA from the system to prohibit the playoffs overtime pay behavior.


Does the player really pay so much in vain? The answer is of course negative, the boss does not give players compensation, but the NBA to give.


[Playoff bonus mosquitoes are small and small meat]


Compared to the regular season, NBA team in the playoffs have a better income. Knight's chief income officer Simmons in accepting Tencent sports interview had revealed that the team's income mainly by the tickets, boxes and sponsors of three parts. Which sponsors and box revenue accounted for 40% of total revenue, and the proportion of ticket revenue to occupy 60% of total revenue.


Playoff general attendance should be higher than the regular season, tickets more tight, so prices have gone up. Or the Cavaliers, for example, last season, the Eastern Conference playoff first round 4 to 0 out of the Pistons, the Cavaliers played two games at home, the average price of the game tickets to $ 100, 10% higher than the regular season price. maglia Stephen Curry, And with the gradual deepening of the playoffs, still not eliminated the team, will have a higher home income. To the Eastern Conference finals, single-game income has been able to achieve the regular season single game average twice, while the finals, is the average of the regular season four to five times.


Such a large income naturally can not let the team exclusive, NBA also participated in the division. The players union for the interests of the players, and the NBA reached an agreement, the NBA in the playoffs each year to come up with a sum of money, set up a playoff prize pool, reward all the teams to participate in the playoffs. The bonus pool was $ 14 million in 2015, compared with $ 15 million in the playoffs last year.


A total of 16 teams to participate in the playoffs, the money how to divide it?


In 2015, for example, the money in addition to reward the regular season wins the most teams and the top four of the district outside To participate in the first round of the playoffs team, each team can share 224,000 US dollars; promotion of the second round of the team, each team can be assigned to 266,000 US dollars; promotion of the Eastern and Western finals, each team can To $ 440,000; in the final defeat team can be assigned to 1.76 million US dollars; won the championship team can be assigned to 2.656 million US dollars.


This bonus is directly assigned to the NBA team, the specific distribution system within the team determined by the team itself. In the case of the NBA in the past, the money is generally the average distribution of all the team, and even usually do not appear in the staff, and sometimes can get the joy of joy.


But even to win the championship, all the bonuses add up to only 358.6 million, according to the list of 15 players to calculate, each player assigned to the money is about 239,000 US dollars. This is a lot of roles and the edge of the players, but for the real star is not enough mention. So what exactly is the reason for the players so hard in the finals?


[The performance of the playoffs is far from the current interests can be measured]


NBA players are not as long as there is a ball to play the fame and fortune can be left on the side of the basketball crazy, but not for the ideal can not consider the personal economic interests of the basketball saints. In such a low-income case is still playing so hard in the playoffs, for the following reasons.


First, the performance of the playoffs, often able to bring players a better future. Such as the 2011-2012 season Hibbert, averaged 11.7 points in the playoffs, 11.2 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 3.1 blocks, stunned four. In the same year in the summer, the Pacers in order to leave Hibbert, sent a 4 year 5836 million contract. Visible, the playoffs in the outstanding performance of the benefits, far more than that hundreds of thousands of dollars to come to the bonus.


The second point is the player's desire for the championship. Put this point in the second, because the vast majority of players are in the first to solve the interests of the problem, only to consider the championship thing. You do not look at the Warriors West this season with a salary of 1.55 million US dollars, maglia basket james, Pachulia holding $ 2.9 million salary to compete for the championship. In fact, the total salary of West's career has more than 90 million US dollars, and Pachulia in his career earned wages have been more than 50 million US dollars. Since you do not have to worry about life, pay to complete their own dream, it will become part of the players in the career of late choice. Even tens of millions of dollars of wages can give up, not to mention the area of ​​hundreds of thousands of playoff bonuses.


The third point is the player's performance in the playoffs may bring business benefits. As we all know, in addition to wages, the players a large part of the income from commercial activities. In the playoffs have a good performance of the players, the second year is often able to get more business income. This gives the player the benefits, far more than the playoffs that bonus.


It is because of the above three factors, so that the players willingly in the income of the meager playoffs to make every effort to play their best performance. Bonus income is only a small part of the long line to catch big fish, is the real idea of ​​most players heart.


Players in the playoffs this season


Said so much, then in the playoffs this season, what the performance of the players unexpectedly, may give them a greater benefit?


The first is the rocket inside, the playoffs so far this season, averaging 13.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, 0.6 assists, 0.6 steals and 0.6 blocks, hit rate as high as 84.8. The contract within the season only 2.9 million US dollars, by virtue of the performance of the playoffs, within the very likely this summer to sign a more lucrative contract.


And then the Warriors McKee, in the playoffs in the performance of averaging 9.8 points, 4.3 rebounds, 2.3 blocks, you know, this season, McKinley is only 1.4 million dollars in basic salary. This summer the Warriors want to leave him, $ 1.4 million is probably not enough.


As well as the Raptors of Powell, Bucks Snell and other players in the playoffs in the performance of the season are commendable, waiting for them, will be a more substantial than the current huge contract.


Wait until this summer when the players sign a big contract, maybe we will understand the meaning of the long line to catch big fish.