Cavaliers today at home to beat the Raptors 125-103, big score 2-0 lead. LeBron - James also ushered in the perfect milestone night, he played 37 minutes 14 shots 10 (3 points 6 in 4), free throw 21 penalty 15 scored 39 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks, canotte nba poco prezzo On-site efficiency value +24 points. Although the Raptors evolved, but James is still no one can block.


The game, James achieved three milestones, this is his 89th playoff to get 30 + high score, beyond the Bryant - Bryant exclusive history second, second only to Michael - Jordan (109). James's playoff third hit number reached 302, became the fourth playoff in the history of the third hit 300 break the players. His playoff career score beyond the Karim - Abdul - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, rose to second in history, second only to Michael - Jordan one.

The second quarter 7 minutes and 29 seconds, James on the right side of the flank canotte nba basso prezzo, he confidently dry pull the third hit, which is James hit the second field of the third, his playoff career hit three points to 300 , To become the fourth playoffs in the history of the third hit number of 300 players, ranked in front of him only Ray - Allen (385), Reggie - Miller (320) and Manu - Manu Billy (312), the playoffs of the season James is expected to rise to second place in history.


The ball is a microcosm of James's strolling today, canotte basket italia and his confidence in the field is in stark contrast to DeRozan. Section II, James in a storm Tucker left foot on the opponent's feet some sprained, walking limping. But even so James still stick to it, all kinds of storm constantly, the first half he won nearly 20 points.


The third quarter 8 minutes and 58 seconds, James received the left side of the Irvine pass the third straight shot, the ball hollow into the basket. Hit the ball, the James playoff career total score of 5762 points, tied the second place in the history of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


Officially beyond the time from the third quarter 8 minutes and 41 seconds, maglia LeBron James once again received an Owen pass hit three points, scored the ball, James's playoff career score reached 5765 points, officially beyond the Kareemal dominated history Two. He is less than 230 points away from Jordan, according to the rhythm, if the knight continues to go smoothly, James will go beyond this season to become the playoff history of Jordan play scoring.


James is not just a series of milestones, he also helped knights to win, to achieve the personal achievements and the perfect combination of team victory. Section III, James in the chase, beyond the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stage hit three points also caused a third foul, directly to help the knight to establish a 20 + lead advantage to lay the victory.


The end of the third quarter, James completed the murder of the heart of a blow, Owen eyes quickly completed the steals, the two also show a couple of tacit understanding, Owen hold the ball to the front, James follow in the back. Owen did not choose to layup, but the performance time left to James, maglie nba 2017 he sent a hit behind the ball, James took off one hand split bombing basket, like the world, the speed of the center of the atmosphere bursting. On a game, the two also completed a similar match, when Owen throw the ball on the rebound rebound to help James James.


The rest of the game directly lost suspense, Lori injured, De La Zan slump, the Raptors simply can not afford to counterattack, James distal played in the field less than 6 minutes, wanted to score break 40 points. However, six minutes before the end of the game 6 minutes and 10 seconds, James made two free throws, scoring in the 39 points, Tyler - Lu will replace him, James face is also some regret shook his head again and again, 40 points that bad mood. However, for James, this is not what, this is still a perfect milestone night.

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